Independent Travels & Adventures
And so it goes. Sometimes you have to prove to yourself that one suspect of yours: that the world is a hell of a good place to drift around. Most likely, the best one. It doesn’t take much. It takes a world, patiently waiting out there for you. It takes time too, easy to find, when you realize it’s the only thing you actually own. And if you’re afraid to step away from your known path, good, great, perfect. I don’t see any problem here, for fear is a thin crack in that shell of habits you’ve built around yourself and it will allow new meaning constantly leak into your life, keeping your dumb brain alive. Plus, it’s fun.

2018 Mozambique
Photo Reportages covering several AVSI projects in Maputo, Pemba and Bilibiza.
Education, Urban Planning and Sustainable Energies.

2017 Lebanon & Jordan
Photo Reportages covering several AVSI projects.
Among others, Syrian refugees Informal Tent Settlements, Schools & Kindergartens.

2017 Armenia & Georgia
Overland travel between the two Countries, moving by bus or train. Solo travel.

2017 Iraqi Kurdistan
Photo Reportages covering several NGO projects.
Among others, HIWA Pediatric Hospital funded by AVSI and Ospedale San Gerardo di Monza, Kindergartens (AVSI and FOCSIV), Teresa Rehabilitation Center (Emergency), Nishtiman Refugee Camp and the looted city of Qaraqosh.
Independent project.

2014 – 2016 Patagonia To Alaska and Back To Mexico Again
Yay. There’s hunger for more. Once in Cape Town, coming across Eastern Africa, it felt plain silly to just go back as originally planned. Back where? And what’s ‘back’ anyway? Therefore, the only reasonable thing worth doing seemed to be pushing the motorcycle in a container, load the container on a vessel, let the vessel float, making sure it’d head the proper direction. It did. Now, riding. So far, about 100.000km and still enjoying it.

2013 Milan to Cape Town – Turkey & Eastern Africa
Nearly three months and about 19.500km riding a WR250R. Light gear, minimal camping equipment and mostly hitting off-road tracks to reach the southernmost point of Africa. Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa & Lesotho to finally reach Cape Town in one piece. Teaming up with the off-road Guru and bush-camping Jedi, Mr. Ivan Zutphenov.

2011 Russia
4 weeks and about 10.000km riding on Trans Siberian trains to get across Russia overland East to West starting from Vladivostok and arriving to St. Petersburg. Solo travel.

2011 China
47 Days backpacking overland crossing China South to North with trains and buses from Hong Kong to Beijing moving across Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Shanxi & Hebei. Solo travel.

2011 Nepal
90 Days hiking on the Himalayas, covering approximately 700km distance on foot at altitudes between 3.500m and 5.700m. Solo travel.

2010 Balkans & Turkey
40 Days and about 9.000km heading East till reaching Georgia & Armenia driving a 1989 VW van through the Balkans and Turkey. Solo travel.

2009 Scandinavia
62 Days and over 14.000Km reaching Nordkapp driving a 1989 VW van across Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. Solo travel.

2009 Australia Mainland
28 Days and about 3.200Km covering the distance Sydney-Melbourne-Sydney via the Snowy Mountains on two wheels with an awesome Australian biker friend, Mr. Smurfson.

2009 Tasmania
One week, one hired car and about 1.450Km around the island. Solo travel.

2008 Italy & France
5 weeks and about 5.000km riding a motorbike across Southern France & Italy.

2007 Morocco
1 week in Marrakech, Morocco.

2006 France & Spain
3 weeks and about 3.250km riding a motorbike across France & Spain.

2005 Spain

3 weeks and about 2.750km riding a motorbike across Spain.

2004 Argentina
4 weeks in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2003 France & Spain
3 weeks and about 3.000km riding a motorbike across France & Spain.

2002 Spain
3 weeks and about 3.250km riding a motorbike across Spain.

2001 Portugal & Spain
3 weeks and about 4.000km riding a motorbike across Portugal & Spain.

2000 Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary
5 weeks and about 6.000km riding a motorbike across Eastern Europe.

1999 Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium
4 weeks and about 3.000km riding a motorbike heading to Normandy.

1999 France & Spain
3 weeks and about 3.000km riding a motorbike across France & Spain.

1996 France & Spain
4 weeks and about 3.000km riding a motorbike across France & Spain.